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Healthy Homes Australia

Welcome to Healthy Homes Australia

Ten years, twelve seasons- it's been a wild ride. Producers can confirm that in November 2023, Walt and Dani will hang up their Healthy Homes boots for good. Thank you for your loyal viewiership and all your love over the last decade. We love you!

Every week hosts Walt Collins and Dani Reilly (formerly Wales), trek across the country to drop in on an Aussie family to have a bit of a nosey around their home. Mansions, apartments, renovation nightmares, pokey cottages- we've seen them all. No matter how beautiful you think your house may be, the guys always have a few ideas up their sleeves to help you along.

Home, garden, lifestyle or build, Walt and Dani have got it covered. Let's get one thing straight- we aren't the kind of hosts who will stick pasta shells to a mirror frame and spray it silver!

For your home, Walt and Dani are gurus when it comes to trends, technology, hacks and ideas- you'll be stunned at some of the brilliant things we un-earth to get your domestic juices flowing.

If you're a domestic champion you'll be inspired with ideas, trends and tips to help make your home and garden healthy, efficient and stylish.

Tradies love our show because we showcase the latest innovation in building and construction, from building a brand new home on the show to installing solar storage systems and building decks, our teams get to work.


In some instances, the home owners give us a budget to work with and we maximise that through our contacts and string pulling. In other circumstances, we help where we can, Aussies who need a hand.

This all started 12 seasons ago when Walt Collins saw the need for a TV show that wasn't the big renovation show, that wasn't an arts and crafty show, but somewhere in the middle, on a weekend... designed for every day Aussies. Keeping it down to Earth and relatable.

Thanks for watching us.

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Healthy Homes Australia, channel 10. Walt Collins and Dani Reilly

Season 12

Healthy Homes Australia has just started to shoot air season 12 which is a huge achievement for any TV show. We sit nicely on Channel 10's weekend grid and rate amazingly- thanks to you!

Healthy Homes Australia, channel 10. Walt Collins and Dani Reilly

Commercial Partnerships

Our show partners with many different brands to help us make the program every week. We will only partner with companies that align with our brand.

Healthy Homes Australia, channel 10. Walt Collins and Dani Reilly

Homes & People

We film at real viewer's homes and mostly on location in Melbourne. Most people come to us via social media, so make sure you follow our pages for updates.

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