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Healthy Homes Australia is a vibrant and lively lifestyle show and has been a staple on 10 and 10Play for almost 9 years! Alongside Walt and Dani, we love to welcome regular guests, experts and co-hosts to add even more vibrancy to the show.

emmylou maccarthy channel 10

Emmylou MacCarthy is one of our faves on the show, she can cook, she's a super-mum, she's an author and what she doesn't know about wrangling a house-hold isn't worth knowing! EL joins us often to talk us through life hacks you can do yourself.


ashley james gardens.jpg

Ashley James is our garden expert and dashing good looks aside, he knows a thing or two about creating beautiful gardens and growing vegetables. Ash has a superb knowledge base about all things gardening and landscape and helps us harness our inner green-thumbs!


dpv construction.jpg

David Vastbinder and the boys from DPV Construction are regulars on the show when it's time to build, knock down or construct! Dave's expertise in the field helps us achieve projects within the tight deadlines we have for filming.


nick lonsdale on tv.jpeg

Nick Lonsdale is a builder, renovator and developer- he's been on the show since 2019, showing up here and there with his expert tips and tricks. Nick brings an award winning builder's brain to help Walt and Dani with their task to fix a home-owner's problem!


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