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Episode 7

It's the last ever Healthy Homes Australia! And we are going out with a bang. We've built a pool!! We show you how its done from first dig to first swim, delve into the latest pool tech and wrap up ten years of the show.


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We built a pool! Concrete, above ground, fiber glass? Joining forces with Narellan Pools, we follow the install and build of a stunning pool in Central Victoria

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Pool fencing can be a complex and difficult process to navigate. Do you go glass, tubular, rustic, modern.... you have to be within local laws, national code.... so where do you begin? We speak to the experts who show us how its done!

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In Chlorine, Salt, Minerals, Fresh? What kinds of chemical profiles should you consider with your new or existing pool sanitisation? We speak to Andy who is an expert- he explains the science behind mineral and the Quantum system

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Dani talks us through how to style an outdoor area with key furniture pieces to create a premium look. Simple, elegant and functional furniture completes the look around the poolside!

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With Owning a pool used to mean hours of cleaning and maintenance. Now, robots do it all for you! Dani introduces one of the world's best robots for your pool and the results are just outstanding!

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Pool It is cooler under foot than fake grass, better for the environment and so comfy to lay your towel on! Turf is trending for pool areas, so Walt and Dani get to work.

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