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Episode 2

This week Andrew and Shari invite us to hang at their place for the day to help sort out a few family and home issues. Andrew has been trying to make headway in the garage to organise and sort out his junk, Shari needs a hand with the air quality thats causing issues with the kids and Dani has some ripper ideas to help around the house when it comes to laundry and food prep!


The garage is rarely a place you can actually store the car! And add kids to the mix, it becomes a storage room for toys, camping gear, tools and more. So in true HHTV fashion- we jump in to save the day with one of our famous garage makeovers!

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With pollen season now on us and bushfires looking likely, we get to the bottom of the kid's sniffly noses with an air quality audit. Lots of fabrics, pets, pollens and other nasties all help to trigger some health conditions.


A Queensland mum invented a bucket and strainer in one- and now its a global hit! This clever addition to your home will help you reduce the hand-chemical contact and will even be useful in food prep. Dani explains all to Shari the home owner!

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Watch the whole episode in total!

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