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Episode 3

Veronica is this week's home owner- she's a single mum that runs a busy home with two teenage kids, a business and certainly knows how to wrangle a house! Her home is gorgeous, but the geographical location in the hills means there are often damp areas and excess moisture hanging around. So this week, Walt and Dani get to work on fixing a few allergies!


Adele from National Asthma Council pops by to chat to Walt and Dani about the triggers of Asthma and how those little mould spores might be triggering a few sniffles for this family. We learn about the benefits of dehumidifiers at home

Dr Ajit explains to Walt and Dani the dangers of poor sleep and all the hidden nasties that live inside your bed and bedding! GROSSSS! Your mattress can double its weight every ten years- so we sort out our home owners with some mattress protecctors.


Dani shows us how to refresh the feel and look of a room without having to do a total reno. From a lick of paint, a rug or even new tapware- we show you how its done. These sleek taps are from a brand called Greens Tapware and are our little trade secret!

Watch the whole episode in total!

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