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Episode 4

Trish and Alex are this week's home owners who own a gorgeous home in the burbs. They're about to undergo some big renovations and before they do- Walt drops by to talk pests, outdoor cooking and gets them underway with some new doors and windows. Dani is away on assignment this week!


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Upgrading this week's home owners' bbq qas a must when Walt saw the state of the old rusty one! Trish loves to cook, so he helped them set up a really amazing infrared BBQ that helps cook your food even better!

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When was the last time you got an expert in to run a check for pests at your place? Walt gets to the source of some ant, termite and spider problems people face at home- and speaks to the experts on how best to protect your place all year round.

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Replacing your double glazed uPVC doors and windows can drastically reduce your heating and cooling costs. We followed one of Winplex's famous door and window upgrades with Trish and Alex, this week's home owners!


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