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Episode 6

Lesya has had a renovation nightmare, with a trades team ghosting her family mid-reno. So we are here to help her get back into her home before Xmas and prep it for the holiday short stay rentals season!


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With Xmas approaching and an unfinished flooring renovation, we step in with our mates at FlooringXtra to choose the right hybrid floor for Lesya. And the end result looks amazing!

Flooring Xtra logo.png

If you're thinking about reducing power bills, renting your place out or you need some inspiration in the kitchen, Dani and Walt have their guide to the best kitchen essentials we can all use this summer!

In the final in our series to help Australia become more energy efficient, we get to work on transforming this home with some new uPVC double glazed doors and windows!

With her bathroom not quite finished, we send in the troops to finish it off and install a hot shower screen from Future Glass AND the most beautiful tapware from Greens... to really finish her home off!

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