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Episode 1

This week retirees Sandra and Neil need a hand to help stretch their household budgets a little further in our cost of living special. We'll help them with their power bills, save money with double glazing doors and windows, cook with cost-saving recipes and we'll treat them to a new range of battery powered garden tools!


If you've looked at your power bills this year, you've no doubt been shocked by the rising cost. We teach you how to read your bill, what to look for and how you could save by switching companies. It's a real eye opener!

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Helen joins us with some delicious recipes cooked using benchtop appliances to help save money on the power bills and make those pantry ingredients stretch a little further!  These are all things you can do easily this weekend yourself!


The Double glazing doors and windows with uPVC frames can add not only a better aesthetic to your home, they can help you to save big time on the cost of heating and cooling your home. They'll also add an extra layer of security too!


If you've not quite had the confidence to handle the big scary petrol gardening tools, we've done some testing on this powerful but easy to use battery powered Aspire range from Husqvarna. All designed specifically for your suburban garden!

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